I cannot believe that Easter is next weekend already. Time is seriously flying by. I am super excited to see all my nieces and nephews have their annual Easter egg hunt.

It is Coachella time again. I am not going to be attending, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress the part!  If you want to be festival ready, check out these 5 Coachella Worthy Lace tops below.

  1. Zara Lace Top (seen in photos)
  2. Lace Off the Shoulder Bodysuit
  3. Astr Amalie Lace Top
  4. Free People Lace Top
  5. Topshop Lace Trim Tee

Wearing lace is such an easy way to look sexy and chic. Since lace is so ornate,  it can automatically add detail to your look. You can find lace tops in almost any store. I would highly recommend checking them out. Whenever I wear lace, I feel so pretty and girly.

Go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.