I have been blogging for a little over a year and I have found that there are some people who do not fully understand bloggers or understand why they do what they do. When I tell people that I am blogger, I usually get a few reactions. People either ask me a lot of questions or they get quiet and standoffish. I wanted to write this post to help clear up a few misconceptions.

  1. Bloggers are always into themselves– Usually bloggers are writing posts to inform people and to share advice and/or tips. We usually write about things that we are passionate about and want to share with others. It takes a lot of courage to post your opinions and thoughts for everyone to see.
  2. They get all their clothes for free- It is true that we do get sent some of our clothes for free, but we still have to buy a lot of them (most of them) ourselves. My husband and I have a set budget for items that we use on the blog.
  3. You cannot make a living off of blogging- You can definitely make an income from blogging. You can even enough to quit your full time job and blog full time. The big bloggers make a pretty decent living off their blogs.
  4. Blogging is easy- Blogging takes SO MUCH TIME. It definitely takes a commitment. People do not think that blogging takes nearly as much time as it does. You have to plan posts and outfits, write the posts, edit photos, attend events, stay active on all of your social media accounts, and interact with others on social media.
  5. Bloggers only blog- There are many bloggers out there and most of us work full time jobs or have something else going on in our lives beside blogging. The ultimate dream is to quit your job and blog full time, but that usually doesn’t happen for a few years.  

I have learned so much about blogging and what being a blogger means over the past year. A few years ago I would have probably thought most of things about bloggers. This is why I wanted to share these misconceptions with you.

Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.