Jason and I had a pretty relaxing weekend. We had so much fun exploring the city. It is always fun to try new restaurants and find little areas that you have not yet visited.

It is so much fun to wear clothes that can express your own personal style and personality. A great way to do this is by wearing statement tops. These tops are exactly what they sound like….. a top that will turn heads and make a statement. For examples of statement tops, see below.

  1. Oversize Sleeve Top (as seen in photos)
  2. Gingham Ruffle Shirt
  3. Ruffle Cold Shoulder Top
  4. Botanical Lace Mesh Top
  5. Ruffle Off The Shoulder

Statement tops are so fun because you can express your inner self through your clothing (and look like a babe doing it). Another great thing about these tops are that they take courage, confidence and personality to pull off. It forces you to be you and maybe step a little outside your comfort zone. That is what fashion is all about! Be bold, beautiful and explore your #chardonnaystyle with statement tops.