Our Christmas Routine

Jason and I are usually super busy during any holiday,but Christmas takes it to the next level. We usually do a lot of traveling. We may not travel far, but we do try to make it to everyone’s Christmas get-togethers. Most years we have 5 or 6 (sometimes 7)! This year we are only able to make three. I don’t know about you, but it is always so hard trying to schedule our time to make sure we make it to everything. We have serious Christmas FOMO.

This year our Christmas will look a little something like this:

Christmas Eve:

  1. Wake up drink coffee and write blog post
  2. Get ready for the day and pack the car
  3. Head to Jason’s parents house
  4. Hang out and have wonderful family time
  5. Eat dinner
  6. Open Presents
  7. Hang out some more
  8. Head home to sleep and wait for Santa to come

Christmas Day-

  1. Wake up super early (because I am too excited to sleep)
  2. Drink Coffee
  3. Wake Jason up for our special 1:1 Christmas morning!!!!!!
  4. Watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  5. Open stockings
  6. Open presents
  7. Relax for tiny bit and snuggle
  8. Get Ready and start the drive to Wisconsin
  9. Hang out with my family (and my family is HUGE). It gets pretty CRAZY.
    1. Mom and Dad
    2. 3 sisters and their 3 husbands
    3. 4 Nieces and 3 Nephews (5 years old and under)
  10. Eat Christmas Dinner
  11. Sometimes we open presents Christmas night and sometimes we open them the next morning
  12. Watch a Christmas movie or play a game
  13. Have sister time at the hotel

Day After Christmas-

  1. Wake up and eat a yummy breakfast that mom and dad make
  2. Hang out and play with all the kids
  3. Have wonderful family time
  4. Start the drive home to Minneapolis
  5. Finish Packing for the new apartment

Dec. 27


I will be putting little bits and pieces on my Instagram story for you to follow along. I hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!