My name is Taylor and I am 27 years old. I live in the exciting city of Minneapolis, Minnesota with my husband, Jason, and our English Mastiff, Lord Remington. I have a passion for fashion and love spending time with my family. I wanted to create a platform where I can express my Chardonnay Style and help others discover theirs.


You are probably asking yourself what is Chardonnay Style and what does a wine have to do with style. Let me rewind and give you a little background.

Those of you who drink wine, may be ABC drinkers (anything but Chardonnay), but before you write it off, hear me out. Chardonnay is my favorite wine, not only because I love the way it tastes, but because of the varying styles.The grapes used to make it are very common and can be grown in different areas and in varying climates. The location and climate of where the grape is grown will play a huge factor in the flavor of the wine. If you do not like one style of chardonnay, it does not mean you will not like one from another location. Chardonnay should be given a chance. You may not like the first chardonnay, or maybe even the second, but once you find your style you will become a fan.

Now that you have better understanding of Chardonnay, you are ready for the secret of Chardonnay Style. Living life with Chardonnay Style is finding what you like, being confident in it, and not giving up on something because the first try was unsuccessful. You may need to try new styles to discover what you enjoy and feel good about. Don’t give up on yourself.  Raise a glass and explore your #ChardonnayStyle.