Do you guys ever look back at old photos and think “What in the world possessed me to wear that?” Well friends, I am sorry to say that fashion has a way of repeating itself and you will most likely wear a variation of that outfit again.

Retro styles are back and stronger than ever. Everywhere you look fashion lovers are rocking pieces that look like they were transported from the past. This is one of my favorite trends right now. It is such a fun way to add a little more excitement to your wardrobe.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces that are a blast from the past.

1. Mom Jeans

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2. Retro Sweaters-

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3. Old Concert Tees-

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These are just a few ways to incorporate retro styles into your wardrobe. They are definitely bold choices but are also so much fun. The next time you are heading to the mall or about to shop online, think about how you can add some retro vibes to your wardrobe. Go and explore your #ChardonnayStyle.



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