Everyone wants to express their personal style while rocking the hottest trends. One of the easiest ways to do this is with your hair. Your hair is an essential part of your look and it is important to make sure you are up to date on this season’s trends for color and style.

For all of you who ask who cuts and colors my hair, his name is Javier (@javihairjuarez) and he works at Kai Salon in the North Loop. He is so talented and is a master in all the latest techniques for color and cut.  

Javier and I are excited to tell you about our collaboration. Javier is going to give a lucky winner a super trendy haircut FOR FREE. Head over to my Instagram to find out how to enter. Check out the latest hair techniques and trends for fall below.

Javier and I decided to do something a little different with my hair. We changed up the color and of course added bangs (Javier would call it fringe). Bangs were seen all over fashion week. They are such a fun way to add dimension to your look and are super trendy! There are many different ways to style them. Each style has a complete look of it’s own. Personally, I love topknots and bangs. They also look adorable with a beret or fiddler hat.

Javier stays up to date on the latest hair trends and he has found that this fall it is all about being casual. This means soft, natural textures and melty color. Warm gradients and deep rich tones are the way to go when transitioning to the new season.

Hair-Painting– This is the technique that Javier uses to color hair. He uses this technique because he loves low maintenance, seamless hair color. He is inspired by the way the sun naturally lightens hair. His goal is to enhance the color of his client’s natural hair color, and never to change it. He has adapted hair painting to be his own technique by referencing classic French balayage techniques and approaching color with an artistic sense.

Dry Cutting– is cutting hair while it is dry. Javier prefers to use dry cutting because it is the best way to customize hair. When he dry cuts, he takes everything about the client’s hair into consideration. Cutting dry allows him to view and work with texture, density, and growth patterns. It is important  for his client’s hair to look effortless.

Now that fall is here, it is time to update your look. If you are local, I would totally recommend seeing Javier (click here to make an appointment).  Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.



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