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I have been wanting to write a post like this for while. I get a lot of questions sent to me and thought that would be easier to respond to them in an FAQ post. Check out my most frequently asked questions.

  1. Why did I start blogging?– I started blogging to express my personal style and help others feel more comfortable exploring their own style. Check out my post about Why I Started Blogging to get more info.
  2. Did I start my Instagram or blog first?– When I decided that I wanted to start a blog, I first made my Instagram. I created a new account and started from scratch. A a couple weeks later, I launched my blog. They were pretty close to starting at the same time.
  3. Where are my favorite places to shop?– I love shopping at Topshop, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Zara and ASOS.
  4. What lipstick am I wearing in my insta-stories?– I am usually wearing Smashbox Liquid Lipstick in the color Driver’s Seat.
  5. What apps do I use to edit my photos?– I use VSCO, Facetune and Snapseed.
  6. What is my daytime job?– I currently work in Human Services. I manage the home care services for children and adults with varying developmental disabilities.
  7. How many times do I post per week?– I try to get three blog posts done in a week. Sometimes, I only get two up on the blog. I post to Instagram 1-3 times a day and try to do most of photos in real time.
  8. What tips do I have for someone to start their own blog?– Blog about something that you are passionate about and can be committed to. Make time for your blog and stay dedicated.
  9. What skincare products do I use?– Check out the entire post about my Morning and Evening Face Routine.  
  10. What is a miel?– A miel is only the best coffee drink in the world. It is espresso, milk, honey and cinnamon. MY FAVE!!!!

Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.