Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. TGIF……..Am I right?

I am such a fan of wearing jeans. They are definitely a huge part of most women’s wardrobes. The thing I love most about jeans, is that they can be so unique and can express your personal style all while being comfortable. There are a few HUGE jean trends hitting the streets right now. Check them out below.

  1. Crop Flare Jeans
  2. Tassel Trimmed Jeans
  3. Rose Embroidered Jeans
  4. Raw Hem Jeans
  5. Split Realsed Hem Jeans

Some of you may have already seen these trends in stores or on your favorite bloggers Instagram pages, but for the rest of you, I wanted to make sure  you were aware of these trends so you can rock the look too!   Right now it is all about high waisted and expressive denim. In the past, I feel like jeans have been boring and they all look the same, but now is the time to let your jeans have their turn in the spotlight. Don’t be sheepish with jeans. BE BOLD! Go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.