Day 1

Things could not have been more crazy for Jason and I our last days in Minneapolis. We were moving out of our old apartment and into a new apartment in Minneapolis. We had two days to get everything completely done (one of which Jason had food poisoning and could not help move) before we started our big road trip to Los Angeles (where we will be staying for a little over a month). We finally got everything done, just in the knick of time and we hit the road. We spent most of the day driving through Minnesota, Iowa and started the long trek through Nebraska. We wanted to make it to Denver, but we were both exhausted by the time we got to Lincoln and had to stay the night.

Day 2

Well, there really isn’t much I can say about Nebraska. It was SUCH A LONG AND BORING DRIVE, but the day ended in Denver. We checked into the hotel and let Remmy settle down before heading downtown for New Year’s Eve.

It was FREEZING cold and the restaurants were either packed or closed, but we found the cutest little pizza place and had a wonderful dinner. With our bellies full, we headed back to the hotel to watch the ball drop (which was actually at 10 because of mountain time) and call it a night. It was definitely a New Year’s Eve to remember.

Day 3

We woke up early on New Year’s Day and spent a little time in Vail, CO in the morning before the long haul to Las Vegas. The drive was PHENOMENAL! I cannot even begin to describe the beauty of the mountains. It was so fun to see them change from snow covered mountain to mesas.

We arrived in Vegas around 8 pm and checked into the Cosmopolitan. We had the COOLEST room, it was huge and super trendy. It was both Jason and my first time to Las Vegas. We spent the evening exploring the Strip. The lights and night life were unreal. I could not believe we stayed up all the way until 1am (which is really late for us, haha).

Day 4

On Tuesday, we woke up early, which was before most people on the Strip got up. It was time to explore Vegas in the Daylight. We walked through most of the casinos and resorts and found the yummiest places to have breakfast. We first ate at EggSlut and then found a Patisserie inside the Aria where I had my first ever Affagato. It is the BEST thing ever. It may even surpass a miel.

We made our way back to the hotel, packed up our bags and hit the road. First stop for the day…….Hoover Dam.

I have wanted to go to Hoover Dam my entire life. I still remember watching the documentary in awe. It is amazing what people can do!

We, unfortunately, did not have time for the tour, but we were able to walk around and see the amazement that is the Hoover Dam. After exploring, we started our final drive to Los Angeles.

The drive from the Hoover Dam to Los Angeles seemed soooooo long, probably due to all the excitement. Jason, Remmy and I, finally got to our apartment in West Hollywood around 7pm on Tuesday night. We were soooooo exhausted and pretty much unpacked and went to bed.

This trip has been one of most exciting things Jason and I have done. I am so excited to see what we will gain from LA and memories that we will make. Make sure you check out my Instagram stories to see what we are up to in this big and wonderful city.

Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle and maybe travel a little too.



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