There is nothing better than getting to spend time with your best friend every day. I am so blessed to be married to someone who is supportive, loving, and seriously the most amazing person I know. I have been wanting to share with you guys our love story for awhile, but was holding out until the most lovey-dovey day of the year. So, here it goes….our love story from the beginning.

Sophomore Year 

Jason and I met in English class during our sophomore year in high school. I remember flirting with him in the library and asking if I could listen to his super cool 1st gen. color iPod. We also spent a lot of time comparing who had better Jordan slide-on sandals (of course my red ones were better). Even though we spent every day in the same class we did not end up dating. The year ended and we went our separate ways for the summer.

Junior Year 

It was the first of day of our Junior year. I entered my study hall and sat down next to the window. Jason got to class a few minutes after me and was looking for a place to sit down. I called him over to sit by me. From that day…….we were inseparable.

We spent every study hall together and completely fell for each other. We still were not dating at this point, but had gigantic crushes on one another and were BEST friends.

Senior Year

Senior year started and we took a few classes together. We would both get to school early so that we could walk the halls from 8:00 until 8:40, when the bell rang. Jason would even surprise me with candy bars (he knew the way to my heart).

Jason finally asked my dad if he could date me. He did it when I wasn’t home and I didn’t know about it. On 10/2/07 we were standing in the parking lot of the high school when Jason asked me to be his girlfriend. FINALLY!!!  Our first date was at Tokyo (a Hibachi restaurant) on my 18th birthday. It was so awkward. HAHA!


We went to the same college in Southern Minnesota and spent a lot of time together. When we were Juniors in college, we got our first dog. Sir Winston was the cutest puppy anyone could ever ask for.

The Proposal

This is one of my favorite stories!!! I had been “hinting” to Jason that I wanted to get married for what seemed like forever. He kept saying that we would get married, but was taking a million years to pop the question. On this particular day, I had this feeling that he was going to ask me to marry him. We had planned to have a picnic by the waterfall then go to Minneapolis for dinner and shopping. I was soooooo excited.

We started with the picnic and it was really fun. It was a legit picnic…. with a picnic basket and everything, but he didn’t pop the question (insert sad face here). Next, we went to Minneapolis and had a nice dinner. Still was not engaged. On the way home, I started crying in the car. Jason kept asking me what was wrong and I kept saying nothing……(even though we both knew I was crying because I didn’t get proposed to).

It was late in the evening when we got home to our apartments. We decided to take the dog for a walk. I remember being so crabby! We were standing on a hill and I was picking up dog poop in the pitch black. I turned around and Jason was there with a ring and asked me to marry him! I of course said yes and kissed him. There we were, engaged…..standing on a hill….with a bag full of dog poop….and……totally in love. It was perfect and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

The Rest Is History

We were married August 10th, 2012! It was the best day of my life.

Jason and I grew up together and grew closer every year. I can not even put in words how much I love him and how much he means to me. I am so lucky that he is my Valentine!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s day!