Jason and I have been super busy lately. It feels like we are always working or have plans, but we usually have time to snuggle on the couch and catch up on The Mindy Project right before bed.

I don’t know abut you, but I love following fashion fads. One of my faves right now is incorporating stars into your look. You can seriously find stars on any article of clothing or accessory. Adding this to your outfit will make you look, and feel, like a star (every bit of that pun intended). Jump on this fad and try out the star pieces below.

  1. Star Embroidered Skinny Jeans (as seen in photos)
  2. Star Embroidered Shirt
  3. Star Off the Shoulder Dress
  4. Star Pearl Earrings
  5. Star Wrap Sandals

You guys have to try this fad out! It is really easy to find pieces that fit your personal style because there are so many options to choose from. When I was writing this post, it was hard for me to narrow down my favorite star pieces because there were so many that I loved.

Remember, it is all about finding ways to incorporate current trends into your style. If you like to keep it simple, go for a blouse with minimal star detail. If you are the opposite and like to stand out, grab a pair of star embroidered jeans. Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.