Friday is the best day EVER!!!!! Jason and I are going to be spending most of the weekend with our family for Father’s Day. Saturday we are heading to Wisconsin for a dairy breakfast with my family and on Sunday we will be going to a baseball game with Jason’s family. Watch my Instagram Story for all the fun details!

There is nothing better than finding the perfect top for summer and lace-up tops are just that! They are the perfect combo of flirty and chic. Check out the lace-up tops you need below.

  1. Denim Lace-Up Top with Tie Sleeves
  2. Stripe Lace-Up Bralet
  3. Lace-Up Rolling Stone Tee
  4. Lace-Up Tank
  5. Lace-Up Bodysuit

These tops are going to give any outfit an added element of excitement. The wonderful thing about lace up tops is that you can find them on any type of top. This means there is likely one out there that you will love. When looking for the perfect lace-up top, remember to look for one that is flirty, cute and will make a statement (while not being tacky). Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.