I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Were any of you lucky enough to get MLK Jr. Day off of work? I happened to be one of those lucky people and three day weekend was rejuvenating.

A lot of you have been asking about the products that I use on my hair. I figured writing a post about my morning hair routine would be the best way to explain the products. Let me start by saying, I am totally hard on my hair. I do not follow any of the damage control steps that are recommended.  For example, I brush my hair when it is wet, pull my hair into super tight ponies, and sometimes tease my hair like crazy. I know that I probably should not do these things, but I am pretty stuck in my ways. Do any of you have this problem too? Due to all of the damage I do to my hair, I need to use a lot of products to help repair it.

Here is my reparative hair routine:

  1. I usually wash my hair every other day. On the days that I do wash my hair, I first use purple shampoo. Then, I put the Mudslide restorative hair mask on my hair for 5-10 minutes.
  2. After I have toweled dried my hair, I apply the Moroccan Oil heat protectant spray and comb through (this stuff smells super good)! I then blow dry my hair.
  3. Before I use another hot tool (like my straightener or curling iron), I spray my hair again (lightly) with the heat protectant.
  4. Once my hair is styled, I use the Money Maker hairspray to hold everything in place. I love this stuff because it does a great job of keeping your hair styled, without weighing it down.
  5. When I curl my hair and want to add a little more volume, I use the Triple Sec. This stuff is magic and takes your hair from boring to glorious.
  6. The finishing touch is the Sparkling Soda. It is the most fabulous shine serum I have used. I usually spray it on my hands, then apply it to my hair. I tend to spray too much when I apply it directly to my hair.

That is pretty much my hair routine in a nutshell. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products. Go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.



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