It’s Hump Day!!!! We are over half way through the work week and the weekend is around the corner. There is not a better way to prepare for the weekend, than shopping tips to take to the mall.

  1.  Plan Ahead-Think about what pieces or outfits you want to buy before you get to the store. I like to use the Polyvore App to search for the items or styles that I want to buy. The app will tell you stores and websites that carry that item. This way you will not be wandering aimlessly through the mall.
  2. Deals and Steals-Everyone likes to save a little money. Check the websites of the stores you like to shop at to see what sales are going on. Remember, you can always check Live. Love. Chardonnay for current deals.
  3. Look Good, Feel Good- Check yourself out in the mirror before you head out. Personally, I like to change my clothes and throw on a little makeup before I go shopping. It is really hard for me to like the outfit I am trying on, if I do not feel good about myself.
  4. Try it on- It is always a good idea to try on the clothing you are wanting to buy. You may not wear the same clothing size at every store and different styles may fit you differently. By trying it on, you will know how the item fits you and will ultimately save you another trip to the store to return it.
  5. Bring Backup- I, personally, prefer to bring an honest friend shopping with me. This way they can help decide if I really like something or if it actually looks good.

Remember these tips when you head to the mall to explore your #ChardonnayStyle.



Pictured above:

Shopping trip to Nordstrom.