Most of you know, I am literally obsessed with miels (a latte with honey and cinnamon), which means I frequent coffee shops probably more often than the hubby would like. Jason always asks me why I can’t make the drink at home. Then I immediately give him these reasons:

  1. It doesn’t taste the same (he knows I do not have an espresso machine)
  2. It is all about the environment and the experience. The two big E’s!!!!
  3. The coffee shop is a way better IG photo than our living room.
  4. It is a need NOT a want (then I throw puppy dog eyes his way)

Quick side note: Jason is a such an amazing hubby and would do anything for me. I am one lucky girl! He didn’t choose the Instagram Husband life, it chose him.

After this conversation, we usually end up at the coffee shop. Our favorite places to grab a miel and a baked treat in the Twin Cities are the following:

  1. Penny’s Coffee
  2. Urban Bean
  3. Spyhouse (North Loop)
  4. Wesley Andrews
  5. Cafe Astoria
  6. The Lynhall

If you guys haven’t tried a miel, you need to!!!! It is seriously the best and these places have perfected it, plus you can get some pretty cute Instagram photos while sipping on a yummy drink. Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.