Layers are so important for fall. It can be hard to know what to wear because the weather is so unpredictable during this time of year. Adding layers to your outfit is the perfect way to wear your fall and summer clothes at the same time. There are 2 main questions you’ll want to ask yourself before you start trying to layer your outfit.

  1. Will they work together?– It is best practice to try on the outfit in front of the mirror. Some pieces physically cannot go together. For example, you might wear a t-shirt under a slip dress, but the t-shirt may just be too bulky and will create lumps under your dress. This is something you may only notice if you take some time to examine the look in front of the mirror. To avoid this, wear a tighter top under something that fits more loosely. Another helpful tip, is to wear a crop top to avoid the awkward bulging around your waist.
  2. Is the outfit on trend?– If you are not sure if the outfit you put together is on trend, you can always double check Instagram or Pinterest. You can use the search function and find all sorts of inspiration.

Now that you have a little background on how to layer, the next step is figuring out what to layer. Below are the hottest layered combos.

  1. Chunky cardigan, blouse, distressed denim, boots
  2. Turtleneck, jumpsuit/romper, ankle boots
  3. Ruffle blouse, overalls, and loafers
  4. Blazer, tee, high-waisted denim, and sneakers/boots/loafers/heels
  5. Oversized denim jacket, sweater, black denim skirt and edgy boots

Adding layers gives you a chance to be creative and come up with new ways to wear the clothes you already have. Once you start layering, you will not want to stop! Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.