Well, it is Monday. Back to the grind. The good news is, only 4 days until Friday!

Lately, I have been wearing a lot of black. It is one of my favorite looks. Some of you may think that wearing a lot of black would look too dark or even kind of gothic. This is not the case at all! Here are a few tips to rock this look:

  1. Texture- Mixing and matching the texture of the pieces you are wearing will give your outfit more depth and detail (so you do not look like a blob of one color)
  2. Pop of color- Adding some color will bring your outfit to the next level. It could be as simple as a bright lip or statement bag.
  3. Confidence- Being confident in what you are wearing is probably one of the most important tips. You should try to be confident in all the outfits you put together. For me, it is hard to like what I am wearing if I am feeling insecure in the outfit.

Be courageous this week and try an all black outfit or black and white outfit. Go and explore your #ChardonnayStyle.


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