TGIF!!!!! Who is pumped for the weekend?! The weather is going to be amazing! I am going to try to get out and run everyday this weekend. The key word is TRY! Another thing I love to do when the weather warms up is patio dinning.

Choker necklaces were in style in the 90’s and have recently made a come back to the fashion scene. Choker dresses and tops are also trending right now. You may be asking yourself, what is a choker top? It is pretty much just like it sounds. The neck detail resembles a choker necklace but is connected to the rest of the top and usually in the same material. For those of you who are having a hard time wrapping your heard around this, think of it as a mock neck top with a cut out on your chest.

Below are choker dresses and tops that you NEED in your closet. 

  1. Stripe Choker Midi Dress (pictured above)
  2. Choker Blouse
  3. Choker Crop Top
  4. Monroe Stripe Choker Tee
  5. Asymmetrical Choker Dress

This trend is everywhere in stores. The choker detail can add so much to your top. It is definitely a trend that is going to be around for awhile. Go and explore your #chardonnaystlye.