It’s HUMP DAY! Usually, I get pretty excited about Wednesday because the week is half over, but today I woke up to a not-so-great surprise. The ground was covered in snow! Ugh, well hopefully it melts soon!

Somedays you wake up and just want to wear something comfy, but you are worried that it might not be acceptable to leave the house in your 10 year old sweatshirt and your significant others sweatpants. What I am about to tell may blow your mind! It is totally fine to wear a sweatshirt. There is also a way to style it that is trendy. This way, you can look on point and be comfy. Is your mind blown? If you are unsure what sweatshirts are on trend, look below for the perfect pullover sweatshirts.

  1. Florida Colorblock Pullover
  2. Adidas Trefoil Pullover
  3. Topshop Chicago Bulls Pullover
  4. Adidas Adicolor Pullover
  5. Topshop Babygirl Pullover

One of my favorite ways to wear a pullover is paired with ripped up jeans and a cute pair of tennis shoes. This can make your sweatshirt look a little less like something you would throw on to go to the gym and a little more like a well thought out outfit. Sometimes, I like to wear a pair of chunky heel ankle booties with my sweatshirt as well. This will take your sweatshirt to the next level.

Remember it is cool to be comfy. Go and explore your #chardnonnaystyle.