I recently had a 1:1 coaching session with Brittany and Anthony from Thrifts and Threads. Brittany is my favorite blogger and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I have learned from her in the past 8 months. It was so inspiring and motivational to be able to speak with her and her husband about blogging. They also inspired me to write this post.

It seems like one of the first questions people ask when they hear your a blogger, is why did you start blogging. I have actually struggled answering this question when being put on the spot. I am not sure why, but I cannot seem to get my point across. This is why I have decided to share it with you. I want you all to know where my passion comes from and why this blog, and you, are so important to me. A combination of the following is why I began Live. Love. Chardonnay.

  1. Lack of Self-Confidence– People normally do not realize when they meet me that I am a very insecure and shy person. Blogging has helped me open up and express my personality and personal style. It has helped me grow emotional and mentally.
  2. Breaking the Mold-This section definitely goes along with being insecure. When picking out my clothes, I felt like I needed to dress like the people around me. I found myself buying clothes and wearing styles that didn’t fit my personality and I actually didn’t even like. This was the case especially at work. I was afraid of people judging me for dressing different. I decided one day that enough was enough and I was not going to care about what other people would say and I would wear what made me feel confident.
  3. Passion for Fashion– I have not always been excited about fashion and I actually used to be a total tom-boy that would wear cut-off tees and basketball shorts every……single……day. Over the years, I have developed a passion for fashion. I get excited about the new trends/styles and how I could put my personal spin on them. It is so exciting for me, and I could talk about it for hours. Jason is not always as enthusiastic about it as I am.
  4. Help Others Explore Their Style– I would say reasons 1-3 inspired this. This is what my whole blog is about and is the reason behind Live. Love. Chardonnay. I want you all to feel confident and beautiful in what you are wearing and not to feel worried about receiving judgement from others. I want this blog to be a tool for you all to stay up to date on the latest trends and styles so that you can explore what styles fit you best (hence the tag line “Explore your #chardonnaystyle”). If you guys want to find out more about why I chose the name Live. Love. Chardonnay, read my about me (click here).

These four reasons are what drive me daily. It is a combination of personal growth, love of fashion, and desire to help others. I wake up excited to do this and am so grateful for the relationships that have come from it.

Creating this blog was one of the most exciting, nerve wrecking, and inspiring things I have done. If you would have asked me a year ago what I would be doing, I probably would have never imagined that it would be blogging. I would not change it for anything.

Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle!