Happy, happy Wednesday! Tonight I am heading over to Luxury Garage Sale for their VIP night! If you are in the Twin Cities area, stop by to hang out and shop with me!

Jumpsuits are literally a girl’s best friend! They are so flattering and don’t get me started on how ON POINT they are. If you guys are wanting to dress a little bit more trendy, jumpsuits are the way to go. Check out the jumpsuits below that will have you turning heads and stopping traffic.

  1. Floral Cold Shoulder Jumpsuit (as seen in photos)
  2. Stripe Halter Jumpsuit
  3. Pleated Front Jumpsuit
  4. Ruffle Edge Jumpsuit
  5. Yarn Dye Overalls

If you have not worn a jumpsuit………….YOU NEED TO! They are so classy and chic (not to mention super comfortable). The jumpsuit I am wearing is just as comfy as my PJ’s. This trend is perfect to transition into the fall season. If it is a cooler evening you can just throw on a super cute blazer or jacket (depending on the specific style of your jumpsuit) and you are good to go. The only downside of wearing a jumpsuit is when you need to use the bathroom. it can be hard to reach the zipper and you have to pretty much take the entire thing off. I would say the the pros definitely outweigh the one con though.

Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.