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Shopping can be intimidating when you are worried that the clothing will not fit you correctly. That is probably every girls worst fear. Every time you go into the dressing room, it is an emotional roller coaster. Since I am only 5’2, it can be hard to find clothes that fit. I have discovered a few tips that have helped me find on trend clothing that fits correctly. Check out the tips below.

  1. Find a great seamstress/tailor– This is so important. I have to get a lot of my clothing altered (especially jumpsuits and denim). Having your clothes tailored is the best way to make most items in the store work perfectly for your body. On the rare occasion, there may be a piece that cannot be tailored. Nordstrom is usually my store of choice because you can talk to a seamstress while in the dressing room. This makes knowing what needs to altered a breeze.
  2. Find a style that fits your body-This tip requires a lot of trial and error while in the dressing room. For example, I have found that I cannot wear full length denim, unless it is hemmed. When shopping for jeans, I search for jeans that are cropped or have a rolled hem. This way, they fit me correctly.
  3. Be Confident– Confidence is key! ALWAYS, go into the dressing room with confidence. If you walk in the dressing room already feeling self-conscious, you will hate everything your try on. If you are trying a new trend, do not think about everyone else’s opinion, but instead focus on how you feel in that item and if you like it. This is probably THE MOST important tip. It will completely change your dressing room experience.
  4. Shopping for your size– Find the size that flatters your body. Sometimes this means sizing up (insert gasp noise here) or sizing down in certain items. The size of the item IS JUST A NUMBER! Different styles and different brands do not always fit the same. You want the clothes you are wearing to accenuate your beautiful body. It is ok to try a new size on.

These four tips have completely changed my shopping/dressing room experience. I now feel like I can try on new trends, different styles and different brands. Hopefully, you will feel the same way. Remember, you are shopping for YOU. Find clothes that make you feel confident and beautiful. Haters gonna hate……ALWAYS. Now, go and explore your #chardonnaystyle.