I am so ready for spring. Spring means a lot of sunshine, birds chirping and fashion shows. I’m hoping that Mr. Groundhog does not see his shadow so that we can all be frolicking in the sun that much sooner.

It seems like this season’s fashion is all about the sleeves and I am loving it. I have found that different style sleeves are an awesome way to express yourself. They completely change the look of your outfit. My favorites are exaggerated sleeves, ruffle sleeves and puffy sleeves.

Exaggerated Sleeves– Flute and trumpet sleeves are super hot right now. They all look so different.

Ruffle Sleeves– You all know that this one is my favorite. Who can turn down ruffles?

Puffy Sleeves– This trend, definitely, makes a statement. You will be sure to turn heads wearing one of these babies!

Remember friends, style is all about expressing yourself and wearing clothes that fit your personality. Adding on trend details to your outfit is a great way to take your usual look and spice it up. For example, let’s say that you love wearing long sleeve tees and jeans. This is a pretty simple outfit. Now, if you wear a long sleeve tee with flute sleeves, you are still in your comfort zone and dressing like yourself, but are also a fashionista rocking one of the hottest trends. Go and explore your #ChardonnayStyle.