Happy Hump Day! It has been super windy in Minnesota the last few days. So forget about great hair days and cute photos! At least the temperature has been a little a warmer. 😊

Mesh is in! It is incorporated into so many styles and pieces. You will see it in workout clothes, dresses, and tops. It is so elegant and chic. Below are the top mesh pieces for spring.

  1. Mesh Ponte Mini Dress
  2. Mesh Sweetheart Mini Dress
  3. Topshop Mesh and Lace Dress
  4. Black Magic Top
  5. NBD Abigail Dress

Figuring out what to wear with mesh can be difficult. You might ask yourself if it is casual or dressy. I say it can be both, depending on how it is styled. You may have noticed in the photos above that I am wearing two types of shoes with my mesh dress (tennis shoes and stilettos). When this dress is worn with tennis shoes it gives the entire outfit a more casual vibe. You can also do this with a denim jacket. It is the opposite when wanting to dress up your mesh outfit. Add a cute pair of pumps, elegant jewelry, and a great bag and it will totally transform your outfit into a classy look ready for a fancy dinner.

It is always a great idea to find pieces for your wardrobe that can be worn to different occasions and can be dressed up or down. This will allow you to have more freedom and creativity with the pieces in your closet. Go and explore your #chardonnatstyle.