Today is the Super Bowl!!!!! I am not a huge football watcher, but it is always fun to see the funny commercials and eat yummy snacks.

Spring is right around the corner and stores are already getting in new styles for the season. One of the trends you will see this spring are pinafore dresses. They are so much fun because, you can style them a little cutesy, like I did, or more edgy. This style of dress is very versatile. Below are a few of my favorite pinafore dresses. 👇🏻

  1. Denim Pinafore-Topshop
  2. Velvet Pinafore-Topshop
  3. Corduroy- Revolve
  4. Zipper Detail Denim-Topshop

Pinafore dresses are just so cute and trendy. I would totally recommend adding one to your wardrobe. Go and explore your #chardonnaystyle!