Hello again everyone. The holidays are soon approaching (even though the weather feels like September) and it is time to start dreaming up your holiday wishlist. This may be difficult for you because it can be hard to narrow down what to put on your wishlist or because you have no idea what you want. I thought it may be helpful for you if I shared what I am hoping to find under the tree this year.






  1. Blanket Scarves– These are a must-have for fall and winter, not only to keep you warm, but they are super adorable. More about blanket scarves HERE! Use promo code LIVE20.
  2. Midi Rings– I am loving this trend because they are all so dainty and elegant. They make my, not-so-pretty, fingers look gorgeous.
  3. Watch– I am a habitual watch wearer and feel lost when I forget to put one on. A simplistic or minimalist look is all rage right now. It looks so sleek and classic. I am hoping for one with a blush or grey leather band. Check out my favorite watch company Original Grain and find out why I love them HERE. Use promo code LLCSTYLE for a discount.
  4. Boho Betty Bracelet– I am crushing hard on all of the jewelry from Boho Betty, but am really obsessing over their bracelets. Use promo code LLCSTYLE for a discount.
  5. Hats– I enjoy wearing hats. They can add so much to an outfit. You guys, I am head-over-heels right now for leather baseball hats (so cute). Floppy hats are a no-brainer.
  6. Y-Necklace– My husband is very aware of this item on my wishlist (I only pointed it out like, 100 times).


  1. Adidas Superstar– These are so hot right now! I love the look of these tennis shoes and it is always nice to throw on a sporty chic look. Perfect for when I am feeling casual.
  2. OTK (over the knee) boots– Boots are a necessity for Minnesota winters and OTK’s are just so amazing.
  3. Lace Up Heels– These Sam Edelman heels are just too cute.
  4. Ankle Booties– You can never have to many ankle booties. Thinking that I want something a little more colorful. The gray, black and tan booties are closet staple, but I am hoping for something with a pop of color.


  1. Lace Up Over-sized sweater– These sweaters make my soul happy. They are baggy, cozy, warm and AMAZING! The lace up detail takes a baggy sweater and makes it sexy and adorable.
  2. Distressed Denim– I am a huge fan of distressed denim. It looks so edgy and rock n’ rolly (probably not an adjective, but should be). It can look super chic, depending on what it’s paired with.
  3. Tory Sport Workout Gear– It just opened in the Mall of America!!!! I would be happy with anything from this store.

I hope that looking over my wishlist gave you a few ideas of what you can put on yours (or get as a gift for someone else). If you guys have any great ideas that I should add, please comment below. Enjoy dreaming up your wishlist and don’t forget to explore your #chardonnaystyle.